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I’ve been training with Jamie for almost two years. Since I started with a 6 week Transformation programme, I haven’t looked back. Not only is Jamie a great trainer, his nutrition plans are excellent and most importantly sustainable, which helps with long term results.

The classes are really enjoyable and push everyone to their limit. It’s been admirable to see how Jamie has adapted to Zoom workouts and continue to push everyone to achieve their goals, even in a remote environment.


Jamie Harris is an extraordinary teacher and trainer. I’ve been very lucky to attend Jamie’s Zoom classes since May 2020. I was immediately hooked, and wouldn’t be without them. The variety of exercises is unlike I’ve experienced with any other teacher. The motivation, the fun, the sense of community, the focus on mental, physical health and nutrition - together with Jamie’s character - make his classes the most important part of the calendar. I am extremely grateful to Jamie. I trust what he says, the advice he gives. He’s consistent and clearly very knowledgeable.


You can tell he thrives on what he does for a living, which is contagious. He cares. I live in a different country, so these Zoom classes are perfect for me. If I was in Dublin, I’d also be joining Jamie’s beach, in person classes and personal training sessions like a shot. For now, I am so happy to be led remotely by Jamie, to see and feel the effects of his classes. Thank you, thank you. It’s hard to overstate the benefits of what Jamie provides. He’s inspirational – and no better time for that than now!


I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jamie Harris as a trainer 6 years ago when my wife signed me up to one of his 4 week transformation programs. In the following years I have gained a level of fitness and well being that I never dreamed I could reach and made a new and valued friend. Jamie’s always interesting and varied programming pushes you to reach your potential and his enthusiasm and knowledge ensures you are constantly learning and improving. I have trained with Jamie in large groups, small groups, one on one personal training and in the last year of course on Zoom. It is never boring, always challenging and rewarding.


The body transformation program is comprehensive in guiding you through exercise nutrition and motivation and encouraging you to chase your goals with regular interaction and a lively  facebook group with fellow clients (not compulsory but highly recommended). In short if you are looking to improve how you look and feel, gain overall fitness or just a fun way to work out look no further Professional Fitness with Jamie Harris


I started training with Jamie almost 6 yrs ago.  From the very 1st time I entered his  class I knew it was a life changing moment. Although I had played a multitude of sports throughout my life - to a reasonably high level - I had never fully understood the importance of full body fitness and nutrition and well-being. Jamie provided me with the platform to learn, train and enjoy how to make myself a better person through his classes and through that we friendship grew. I have hit my fair share of speed bumps in those 6 yrs but Jamie has always been there to offer a hug or a kick in the arse.


Whichever was warranted at that point in time. He is still there. First and foremost he is a great fitness professional and nutritionist - but for me its the affinity he has with you in your own personal journey that sets him apart. He will do everything he can to help you help yourself. And to me that's why he is the best trainer I've ever worked with and why also he has become a fierce friend. Thank you Jamie


I have been training with Jamie for more than 5 years, small group training, group classes, and for the last year on zoom. Jamie’s dedication is not limited to providing challenging but really enjoyable classes every week but also has created a great community that is supportive, inclusive and most importantly great fun. Thank you Jamie for keeping us sane especially during this crazy year.

Julie Ann

I have been going to Jamie’s classes for several years and without doubt they have driven me to consistently achieve my body weight and fitness goals. Like a lot of people, I was a member of a gym, using it sporadically and without any real structure or benefits. I wanted to lose some weight and work on my core fitness. I completed an initial 6-week body transformation program where the focus is on diet and classes and how diet contributes to training and fitness. In those 6 weeks, I dropped over 10kg’s, but more importantly, my fitness, energy and overall outlook was through the roof. 


Over the past 12 months, Jamie has transitioned excellently to on-line training program – the classes have given amazing structure to these lockdown weeks, where I know we have 4 classes a week and excellent support from Jamie and all the members of the program where food ideas, meals and generally motivating everyone to drive forward and exceed! 

I have no hesitation to recommend Jamie to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness or lose weight.


I’ve been training with Jamie Harris Professional Fitness for about 1.5 years now. Jamie is an exceptional coach with an infectious healthy lifestyle philosophy.  In a crowded Personal Training market, Jamie stands out for his dedication and also his ability to motivate and build a community of people regardless of age, fitness levels and goals. When the pandemic first hit, Jamie quickly pivoted to online zooms which have become a lifeline and staple for me & so many.  As well as a bit of fun.  Jamie’s approach to fitness & nutrition has kept me both physically and mentally strong.  I have been delighted with the results I have seen in my own body.  

I would urge anyone looking for a great community with an inspiring coach to consider signing up with Jamie Harris Professional Fitness.


I started with Jamie in August 2019. At that time in my life I wasn't in a good place both physically and mentally. By attending his classes and group sessions I was challenging myself , with his super transformation classes I changed my outlook on things in my life. I have lost weight and got physically stronger and more importantly my mental health has improved greatly.

I love his zoom classes and his knowledge of the industry is vast , he is constantly changing things up to challenge us and himself. Jamie understands his clients, and is very attentive when it comes to people's individual goals.


So if your still reading this , that means your still interested and I would say to you " you have nothing to lose but everything to gain" so give it go !!!!! I know personally how this could change your life, because it's changed mine!

Thanks for reading,


Ever since starting with Professional Fitness back in July, my life has changed in the best possible way. I have developed a new routine, and a new way of life. I’ve tried every fad diet or YouTube workout and nothing ever compared. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me. The variation of the workouts keeps us all on our toes; I’m excited each night to see what is to come. As a person who barely trained ever, to now training 4 times a week, it’s crazy. The results shown are incredible, and I’m so thankful that I’ve finally found a trainer who genuinely knows what works!


I have been doing Jamie's classes for two years now. One year in person and the second via Zoom through lockdown, and they are absolutely amazing.  

The lockdown Zooms have been the most important thing for my mental health and well being as well as keeping me in shape throughout a global pandemic when it so easy to become unmotivated. 


His classes are encouraging and engaging and they push you. They have variety and work every part of you. I have seen amazing results in my shape throughout the two years and I really could not recommend Jamie Harris Professional Fitness enough.


I have been training with Jamie on and off for the last couple of years but consistently this past year over lock down 4 times per week. The planning and prep that goes into each and every class is second to none no two classes are the same. I have never felt fitter and stronger thanks to Jamie's classes. If you have not tried his classes  I highly recommend they do not disappoint you will not regret it I have never felt better


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